September 5, 2017

Why grass-fed meat?

Our animals are not just raised in a humane and loving way for the care of the animal, but for the final product’s health to you and for it’s benefits to the land and environment.

There are important reasons why we are passionate about raising grass fed meat for the health of it. We want to make it accessible too, offering local customers in Northern Michigan a “farm to table” experience, delivering orders right to their door. We know it’s convenient to purchase meat from the grocery store, especially for last minute meals. But next time you see that package of and go to pick it up, consider your choice of meat for the care of the animal, what it is doing for your health and how it’s impacting the environment.

We learned of these benefits long before we started farming. When a fire was put inside my husband to move towards a life of sustainability, better health and raising our own food, we were called to make some tough choices to get where we here now. We’re grateful to be where we are, putting our roots down in beautiful Leelanau County being a part of the change we wish to see in the world!

There’s lots of reading out there, studies have already been done, articles already published, so we compiled some of the stand-out facts for you to note…

Why you should eat grass-fed meat and not commercially-raised,

the Highlights…

• Commercially raised meat, grain-fed are practically synthetic animals. Fed to fatten, the grains are super high in Omega 6’s, which we already have too much of in our system (from foods cooked in oils, crackers, cereal, chips, candies, cakes and more). Did you know too much of these Omega 6’s in our body can cause blood clotting and heart disease – eshk!  (Read more about how most of us have an imbalance of Omega 6’s in our body and why we need more Omega 3’s, here.)

• Pasture-raised animals bodies are able to store nutrients like CoQ10, and especially Omega 3 fatty acids (a natural blood thinner, grass-fed meat is one of the best sources for this, unless you like sardines – but those may have mercury, so yeah, eat grass-fed meat!).

• According to the Mayo Clinic, Grass-fed beef has benefits that other types of beef do not have: Leaner meat, More conjugated linoleic acid (a type of fat that’s thought to reduce heart disease and cancer risks) and more antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin E.

• Not just speaking of beef, but we’re raising better tasting pork on pasture too by this simple recipe: “Sunshine, Grass & Low Stress” (ref: Robb Wolf, Revolutionary Solutions to a Modern Life)

• Pigs raised on pasture have 300 percent more vitamin E and 74 percent more selenium (a vital antioxidant) in their milk than pigs raised in confinement and more natural vitamin D in the lard.

• We offer a reliable product – We do all of the breeding and farrowing on-site throughout the year, offering a more controlled product. While other small-scale farmer’s usually purchase feeder pigs from an outside source in the spring to raise to market in the fall, you may not get the same quality of meat each time you purchase from them.

• Additionally, we give no unnecessary antibiotics or growth stimulators (hormones) to our animals, rather we prefer to use Holistic methods for treatment – when rarely needed.

• Our livestock’s grass is supplemented with only Non-GMO grain/feed.

In addition to your health, our farming practices are better for the land and water too!

• “A lot of unmanageable waste in the form of animal manure is created from CAFO farming. As it sits in large piles or in lagoons, it spills into surface and groundwater. This causes high levels of nitrogen and pathogens, and contributes to fish kills and “dead zones”

• “On pasture, grazing animals do their own fertilizing and harvesting. The ground is covered with greens all year round, so it does an excellent job of harvesting solar energy and holding on to top soil and moisture. As you will read in the bulletins below, grazed pasture removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere more effectively than any land use, including forestland and ungrazed prairie, helping to slow global warming.”

• Note this photo below from forestland on our farm: After only being on our land for 2 months with the animals, we’re already adding to the biodiversity of the land…see the grass and other organisms growing in the partly sunny woods where the animals have been hanging out!

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