September 25, 2017

Special Offer: Half + Whole Hogs

2017 Fall Pork

6 scheduled butcher dates coming up quickly and would like to offer our all natural, non-GMO, antibiotic & hormone-free pork to you for a special rate.

1/2 or Whole Hogs for Sale

For a special rate of only $3.00/lb, hanging weight + you pay the butcher fee ($150/hog +/-)

Yielding you about 100 lbs. of meat (whole hog) cut & packaged to your specifications!

Asking a $200 deposit.

Have the meat you want through the fall, winter and holidays to come!

Please pay your $200 deposit to secure your hog.

Checks Payable to:

Kevin Jackson, 2150 W School Lake Rd, Maple City, MI 49664

Or, feel free to send your $200 deposit money via PayPal, online now:

Send Money using PayPal

We will follow up with you via email or a phone call as we get the pigs to butcher, at various dates throughout the fall. You will get your meat by date in the order in which you get on our list, here, and as we receive your deposit.


Feel free to call (517)518.1961 or (517)518.4413 and email us at:



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