About the farm

Thanks for visiting Jackson Station Livestock Co. online! We lovingly care for each of our animals from farrowing to finish. The farrow-to-finish operation is the historic foundation of raising livestock that includes all phases from: breeding, gestation, farrowing, lactation, weaning, and growing the animal to market.

The Livestock

Our farm’s stock includes pigs, draft horses, and a small but growing head of cattle. Our animals are offered a combination of pasture and Non-GMO feed. In the summer, our pigs have access to their own garden vegetables. In the fall, we collect apples from local orchards to feed them then focus to finish our pork on acorns (high in good fats), whether direct from the property or foraged from locations around the county. Additionally, our animals are fed Whey from Leelanau Cheese in Suttons Bay. When ready for the market, our meat is processed at RRR, a USDA inspected facility.

The focus: Premium Pork

Our business is focused on raising premium Pork as our primary producer on the farm, modeled after the Jamón ibérico (the best pastured pork in the world) through a careful diet, breed of pig, to final meat characteristics.

We are currently raising Tamworths, an Old English forest breed pig – descendants of wild boars and native pig stocks of Europe. Our sows (the Mama’s) are Tamworths and our Boar (the Papa) is a Large Black – suited for pasture-based farming, with strong foraging and grazing ability. The meat from these pigs are known for its lean quality and superb natural flavor without an excess of back fat. Note the beautiful marbling shown on our Canadian Bacon (we lovingly refer to as Gentlemen’s Sushi) in the photo to the right.

Grown in Leelanau

Our farm business is currently stationed off of Bohemian Rd, in Maple City Michigan in the heart of Leelanau County where we’re renting a barn and pasture from Olsen FarmsOur family farm has developed a 3 year business plan, and after years of renting, we just closed in May 2017 on a parcel of property off of School Lake Rd, between Bohemian & Wheeler. We will finally be able to put our roots in and have a permanent place call home – for both our family and our small-scale farm.

Become a Sponsor

Looking for a way to give? Want to help a local family become a successful farm business now and for the future generation? We are accepting sponsorships in 2017 that will go towards things like a structure for animals, equipment, and more. Our goal is to keep the debt down (we did not take out a big loan to acquire the property or build the farm/home), thus hard work, patience and what we earn into the development of this venture.

If you’re interested in supporting our endeavors, please contact us today! We’ll meet face-to-face, show you what you’ve helped us obtain through communication and photography, then post your name/business on our website and social media as a supporter, and even submit PR to local news outlets.

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The Market Goals

For 2017, our goal is to bring you our meat through: direct marketing to local subscribing customers, shipping to monthly customers within the Midwest via Fed Ex, providing meat to select local restaurants, caterers and a markets or grocers. Select meat products are conveniently for sale at Anderson’s Glen Arbor Market & some of our meats may be found in the culinary creations of: Blu. We believe our outlets for meat sales will grow exponentially as our ability for production and storage becomes secured, especially now that we’ve acquired land of our own.

We’re currently hand-delivering packaged custom meat orders throughout Leelanau County and Yes! We ship meat orders to our farther-away friends!

We look forward to connecting…

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